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:: Vibro Screens

Vibro Screen is a most effective solution for various screening and separation applications encountered in plastic industry, particularly in case of reuse of the material.

Vibro Screens are also suitable for grinding of plastic / polymer granules for effective removal of dust particles and oversized particles. These machines, when used for Reprocessed material from scrap cutter, are ideal for separating un-cut pieces and fine dust, providing exact granule size for recycling (reuse), thus meeting the demands of the Plastics Industry.

Polytex Vibro Screens

Unique Features:

  • Usable for Dry, Solid/Liquid Separation
  • High processing rate per unit area of Screen
  • Modular design for 1 to 5 Screen
  • Screening Solutions for different industries such as Plastic, Cermic, Paper, Food, tea, Pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Anti Binding Ball Tray & Ring Tray Arrangement is optional.
  • Completely Dust Free.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Noiseless processing unit with dust cover.

Technical Specifications:

Model Screen Size Motor H.P.
PTX-18 18" 0.25
PTX-24 24" 0.5
PTX-36 36" 1.0
PTX-48 48" 1.5
PTX-60 60' 2.0

* Capacity depends on type of materials & scrap size.

Note: All specifications are subjected to change due to continuous R & D.



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