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Modern,  Sophisticated, 100% stress free,

One piece molded & economical container

Polytex Plastic Water Storage Tanks are most  suitable to meet your water storage problems. They are moulded with advance technology and F.D.A. approved superus grades of Polyethelene.

  • Positively Hygienic  for storage
  • Ofcourse It’s economical
  • Light in weight
  • Yes, It’s maintanance free
  • Tough & Durable
  • Easy to install
  • X-extra ordinary out look

“Polytex” ... gives you a new concept in one piece moulded economical and totally reliable material storage and handing systems. POLYTEX containers are molded from Polyethylene, mainly low density by an exclusive “Rotational Moulding” process. They are available in three kinds of constructions, they are available in three ply construction. Double wall will have interior white and exterior black while three ply construction will have interior white exterior black & intermediate layer of foamed polyethelence. This three-ply construction gives higher structural strength and rigidity to the container and generally recommended for bigger containers and for the rigorous applications.

Polytex containers are moulded at atmospheric pressure so that they are 100% stress free. They are moulded in single piece without an seams, joints or welds. They are corrosion proof, light weight, easy to handle and clean. They are compatible to most of the chemicals. (For further details please refer to our chemical compatibility chart). They have got good temperature resistance and can be used at constant operating temerature of 60 C. For Pharmaceutical & Food industries they are made from special  F.D.A. approved grades of Polyethylene. All the Polytex containers are recommended for atmospheric pressure application only i.e. they are ideal for storage and handling of the chemicals.

Polytex containers gives you a total satisfaction and 100% reliable solution to your problem of mixing, preparation storage & handling of chemicals, etc. Polytex gives you a wide range of various capacity and shapes of containers for individual needs. For tough applcations ‘HDPE’ single wall containers are also availble.

We are also manufacturing water and chemical tanks of single wall, double wall and triple wall. Chemicals tanks can be custom made.

Our Rotomoulded Products

We are also able to create rotomolding products other then the displayed products.


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